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About Clavir Strategic Intelligence

We ask questions to learn how your organization can meet the needs of its market.
  • How are you doing with your customers?
  • What are your competitors offering?
  • Which new products or services can you offer that will help your customers?
  • What are the best ways to reach your customers/potential customers?
  • How can your staff better meet the needs of your customers?
We ask the questions, gather the answers, and then work with your team to develop strategies to grow your business.


Anne Clavir, Chief Research Strategist

Anne Clavir is a seasoned Market Research Strategist.  Over the past twenty years, she has been Vice President at Canadian and global market research organizations. 

Anne conducts both qualitative and quantitative studies in many vertical markets including healthcare, financial services, consumer package goods, business services, travel and hospitality, etc.  She is also a trained facilitator of brainstorming/innovation workshops, helping companies to develop new products and services.

Anne has been a member of the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association of Canada and has received its designation of Certified Market Research Professional (CMRP). She was on the Board of Directors of the Qualitative Research Division of the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association of Canada from 2009 to 2012.

Currently she is a member of the Research Ethics Board at Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care in Toronto, which reviews and approves academic research projects involving human subjects.

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